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Goal of Parkinson's Pals

  • Parkinson's Pals facilitates intergenerational connections between college students studying medicine and science and people living with Parkinson's.

  • We are learning that many people living with Parkinson’s disease are feeling lonely - perhaps even depressed - as they have become more isolated during the pandemic.

  • Our program wants to help people with Parkinson's feel more supported by virtually connecting them with a college student who will talk with them, listen to them, and hopefully be seen as a friend to them.

  • Overall, Parkinson’s Pals hopes to provide an opportunity for students to learn more about Parkinson's Disease and the experiences of the who have Parkinson's. 

  • We hope to create happiness and joy by fostering intergenerational connections between students and people with Parkinson's creating a collaborative, supportive, and caring community for both the patients and students. 


Want to join us?


To become a member


If you are interested in becoming a pal and connecting with other students, please take a moment to complete our interest form with the link below. 

Interest form:


Pal Info


If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Pal to someone with Parkinson’s, please reach out to us at and complete our interest form:

Please also follow our Instagram page and we will send updates through both platforms!







Please feel free to reach out!


Frequently Asked Questions


How much time per week will this require from the PWP?

The student and the Pal will meet once a week for an hour!


Will the contacts be primarily over the phone? Will we be able to FaceTime?

The contacts will be over Zoom.


Founders & Team 


Udit Garg


Udit is first-year studying Bioengineering and Computer Science. He is extremely passionate for helping those who are suffering from Parkinson's and Neurodegenerative Diseases. Currently, he is also conducting research at Penn Medicine involving Parkinson's Disease.


Jaskeerat Gujral


Jaskeerat is a first year at the University of Pennsylvania. He is studying neuroscience. He is passionate about medicine and has many hobbies, such as drawing, playing chess, playing basketball, and spending time with friends.


Jaskeerat got involved in Parkinson's disease because he conducted clinical research on how Ginkgo biloba could mitigate mood and motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Around that time, Jaskeerat's relative passed away from Parkinson's, and so he was motivated to help PD patients live a more enjoyable and happier life.

Wenxin Tu


Wenxin is a sophomore student at the University of Pennsylvania studying neuroscience and music. She is very passionate about neuroscience and medicine. During her free time, she enjoys listening to classical music, playing the piano and cello, and performing with her friends. 

Given her passion for Parkinson's Disease and her research experiences in MRI studies and motor circuits, she joined Parkinson's Pals hoping to provide support and care to Parkinson's patients who are suffering from loneliness and depression.