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Over 55% of Parkinson's Patients have experienced loneliness and social isolation. 


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Our Mission

  • We facilitate intergenerational connections between students and people with Parkinson's Disease through weekly 1-on-1 conversations, 

  • We address the psychosocial disruptions in the form of demoralization, loneliness, social isolation that often go undiagnosed and untreated throughout their treatment journey. 

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Students Involved





Our Impact

We hope to provide an opportunity for students to learn more about Parkinson's Disease and the experiences of the who have Parkinson's. 

Our program wants to help people with Parkinson's feel more supported by virtually connecting them with a college student who will talk with them, listen to them, and hopefully be seen as a friend to them.

We hope to create happiness and joy by fostering intergenerational connections between students and people with Parkinson's creating a collaborative, supportive, and caring community for both the patients and students. 

Patient/Student Feedback

Sophomore University of Pennsylvania, PA

“Parkinson's Pals is an amazing program to help educate, inspire, and connect the younger generations with people living with Parkinson's. Through just 4 weeks, I formed a new friendship and gained new perspectives I never could've without meeting my pal!"
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